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At Zen Spa, we embrace purity for peace, calmness, tranquility and balance.

Zen Spa opened its doors mainly to share the noble Eastern philosophical, art of balancing, called "touch therapy." It is inspired by yin and yang balance theory. 

Research supports when the body is out of balance diseases arise resulting in pain (inflammation), heart and brain failure (stress) and even cancers (stress).  Almost all diseases can be eradicated by simple healthy meals, daily exercise and consistent balance therapies such as massages, meditations -- which is a form of prayer, yoga (just to name a few).  Which in my opinion, may radically improve quality of life.  

the bloom behind the blossom

She's a native of Guyana, a small English speaking country along the Atlantic Ocean in South America.  She relocated to North America over two decades ago, and now its home away from home.  

How Zen came into fruition 

It all began in NYC two decades ago, she was accepted with honors into Pace University in New York City.  There, she studied and completed degrees in Business Management, Finance and minored in Law.  Her initial interest was Investment Banking, Law or Medicine.  However, after the terrors of 911, she realized a different path was her calling and moved to Asia in search of tranquility.   She wanted more out of life, a simpler life, even.  So, she followed her heart into healing touch.  -- pure positive harmony and healing during those years of recovering from 911.   She does not always acknowledge it, but she is a survivor.  Several of her co-workers lost their lives at the same investment firm she worked for, Morgan Stanley in the North Tower.   It is not a coincidence she survived that faithful day, it was a blessing.  Today, she works from that same place of compassion and grace God had extended to her that day.   She's most grateful and humbled to have found her true purpose and passion in life. 

Life as she knew it, has changed, she vowed to spend the rest of her life in service to others. Thus, she began researching and studying Eastern Therapy.   The journey to Zen began!  To her, Zen Spa is truly is a dream came through.  The dream continues as she continues to dream magnificently to benefit others.

The pathway of learning...

She relocated back to United States with Eastern training in hands and a mission in mind. She went on to attend and graduated summa cum laude from The Medical Arts School of Medical Massage Therapy in Raleigh, NC, followed by Pre-Med from the University of North Carolina.  She now maintains North Carolina State Licensed Body Therapist (10165) and a Nationally Certified, Board Certified Therapist.  She holds certifications in modalities in Nuat Boran (Thai-Bodywork), Reflexology, Deep Asian, Fertility, Qi-Gong, Ashiatsu to name a few.  She continues the dedication to the art by devoting her time and essences to research and training, seeking worldwide knowledge and wisdom to essentially further unlock the secrets to healing.


 Zen Spa, be maintained as a traditional Japanese style spa in the mountains of Highlands, North Carolina.  Focusing on therapy that facilitates healing of the mind, body and spirit..   Equilibrium is essentially rewarded with each attention to detail from touch therapy treatments.   Zen Spa champions superb balance through the art of lifestyle, healthy choices, youthfulness, longevity and vigor.

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