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About the Founder

Sharon Pat Williams “Angel Joy” - “I am an American. I became an American Citizen in 1995. Born in the continent of South America, in the native land of Guyana, a small English speaking country along the Atlantic Ocean in South America. I relocated to the North American Continent and resided in New York, and North Carolina, USA over two decades ago. I now mostly reside in the beautiful Highlands, North Carolina.” 

"Spa Treatments are not a Luxury, they are a Healthy Lifestyle." -Angel Joy

How Zen Spa Came Into Fr​uition

“It all began in NYC two decades ago, I was accepted with honors into Pace University in New York City. There, I studied and completed degrees in Business Management, Finance and minored in Law. My initial interest was a life-long career in Investment Banking, Law or Medicine. However, after the terrors of 911, I realized a different path was my calling and moved to Japan in search of tranquility. I wanted more out of life, a simpler life, even. So, I followed my heart into healing touch. -- pure positive harmony and healing during those years of recovering from 911. Although, I do not always acknowledge it, clearly I am a survivor. Several people lost their lives at the same investment firm I worked for in the North Tower. It is not a coincidence I survived that fateful day, it was a blessing. Today, I work from the same place of compassion and grace God had extended to me that solemn day. I am most grateful and humbled to have found my true purpose and passion in life.

Life as I knew it, has changed, I vowed to spend the rest of my life in service to others. Thus, I began researching and studying Eastern Healing Arts Therapy. And the journey to Zen began! To me, Zen Spa truly is a dream that became a reality. The reality continues as I continue to create magnificently to benefit the world."

The Pathway to Learning...

"I relocated back to the United States with Eastern training in hand and a mission in my heart. I went on to attend and graduated summa cum laude from The Medical Arts School of Medical Massage Therapy in Raleigh, NC, followed by Pre-Med from the University of North Carolina. I now maintain a North Carolina State Licensed Body Therapist (10165) and a Nationally Certified, Board Certified Therapist (586489-10). I also hold certifications in modalities, in Nuat Boran (Thai-Bodywork), Qi Gong Reflexology, Deep Asian, Fertility, Qi-Gong, Ashiatsu, Japanese Facials to name a few. I continue the dedication to the art by devoting my time and essences to research and training, seeking worldwide knowledge and wisdom to essentially further unlock the secrets to healing. I am currently on track to earning a combined Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Chinese Medicine, Herbology and Acupuncture.”

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